Episode 13: How to Align Creative Marketing and Technology to Boost Your Sales

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Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast!

Today we have Max Kryzhanovskiy, President, and CEO at MOS Creative, a highly sought out digital growth strategy firm that specializes in developing custom solutions to help your business get to the next level.

Max is here to talk with us today about some actionable tips you can leverage to boost your sales efforts by combining the use of creative marketing tactics and technology.

Max shares several fantastic strategies he uses to help him grow his business. One of those strategies in which he explains in more detail has to do with how he boost his sales conversions by leveraging offline marketing strategies coupled with modern tech platforms.

Max Kryzhanovskiy, President and CEO at MOS Creative

Max Kryzhanovskiy, President and CEO at MOS Creative

listen to the episode here:

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key takeaways:

  • The importance of knowing your audience and buyer personas before coming up with the creative copy. 
  • Examples of companies that leverage creative marketing. 
  • How tech platforms can be used to work well with creative campaigns to boost sales.
  • An example of how Max uses creative marketing and technology to boost sales at his company – I was quite intrigued at how he has this process set up with his offline marketing efforts.

How to Reach Max:

Visit MOS Creative at http://moscreative.com/ and be sure to subscribe on the home page to learn more about how he can double your business!

You can also connect with Max via email and MOS Creative on Social Media:

Email Max for questions and key resources to double your sales

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