Episode 14: Sales Is Not An Option - Practical Sales Tips to Help You Grow Personally and Professionally

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Sales is not an option!

Sales should excite you, not scare you.

In this quick solo episode, I discuss my sales background before I got into marketing, how my sales experience has helped me grow personally and professionally, and what I do and don't like about sales. 

I also share seven (7) key sales tips to keep in your back pocket as you seek to grow personally and professionally.

  • Surround yourself with experts
  • Apply the knowledge
  • Make adjustment
  • Don't be afraid to get out there and sell offline (not just online)
  • Celebrate your victories
  • Don't always be in hunt mode
  • Always be selling!

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Stay tuned next week as I feature an expert marketer in the crowdfunding space who will be sharing his tips to help you get the most out of your crowdfunding experience!

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