Episode 18: Blogging Strategies and Tips You Need for 2018


Welcome to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! Today I am absolutely thrilled to feature an exciting guest, Gresham Harkless, Jr. (also known as “Gresh”) to discuss the blogging strategies and tips you need to be successful in 2018!

Gresh is the founder of Blue 16 Media, a digital marketing company providing digital marketing services to small to medium-sized businesses. He is also the founder and Blogger in Chief for CEO Blog Nation, which is a community of business blogs for entrepreneurs and business owners that can address anything from online and digital marketing, authority positioning, entrepreneurship, and of course blogging!

Gresh has been featured in many well-known media outlets, including Under 30 CEO, Fox Business Small Business Center, Business Rockstars, CB Nation, 93.9 WKYS radio in DC, and more!

Gresham Harkless, Jr., Media Consultant and Founder of   Blue 16 Media  , Founder and Blogger-in-Chief of CEO   Blog Nation

Gresham Harkless, Jr., Media Consultant and Founder of Blue 16 Media, Founder and Blogger-in-Chief of CEO Blog Nation

If you are curious to learn the dos and dont's of content marketing, and what to focus more on in 2018 when it comes to developing great quality content, then this is the episode for you!

Listen to the Episode Below:

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Key Takeaways:

  • The evolution of blogging and how it got to where it is today. 

  • How to develop effective content and the best sources to get ideas.

  • The importance of creating a content plan, how the plan should be conducted and who needs to be involved in the planning meetings.

  • Strategies and tips that make good copy.

  • What not to do when it comes to developing content.

  • 2018 trends, and what marketers and business owners should focus on when creating good content. 

How to Connect with Gresham Harkless, Jr.:

Email: gresham@b16m.com

Websites: https://www.blue16media.com/ | https://www.ceoblognation.com/

Business Blogging Course: http://www.startabusinessblog.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/greshamh/

Twitter: @Progreshion

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ceoblognation/


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