Episode 20: Want to Skyrocket Your Business Growth in 2018? Start By Owning Your Why


Welcome to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast. Today we have an exciting guest on the show, Maggie Gentry of MaggieGentry.com!

Maggie is a successful and highly sought out business coach and marketing consultant specializing in helping solopreneurs and creative entrepreneurs Own Their Why so they can grow their business intentionally.

Coming from a business background and working in the creative sphere, Maggie helps her clients navigate the waters when it comes to making those tough business decisions, and she puts together custom marketing plans that are built around core values.

Maggie Gentry, Founder and CEO of   M  aggieGentry,com  . Photo Credits to   Chelsea Laine Francis

Maggie Gentry, Founder and CEO of MaggieGentry,com.
Photo Credits to Chelsea Laine Francis

On today's episode, Maggie will share how this process works. She will also dive into how this all ties into marketing, and how you can be a much more effective marketer and business owner by incorporating this practice.

Listen to the Episode Below:

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Key Takeaways From the Episode:

  • What is Owning Your Why all about, and why is this concept so important in this day and age?
  • How does this tie into marketing?
  • How can creatives use this concept to develop a powerful story?
  • How can marketers set themselves apart when using the Own Your Why Concept?

Key Resources:

  • 5 Mini-Lessons from Own Your Why® here. This is an awesome freebie! Each week you will receive a well-put-together email that walks you through the next step in identifying and owning your why - there are even some really good work assignments to complete! Just scroll to the bottom of the home page to sign up!
  • Be Sure To Get Your 2018 Year Ahead Planning Bundle! For a limited time, Maggie is selling her awesome 2018 planning toolkit, complete with worksheets to help you not only set your goals but to also help hold you accountable as the year progresses. A must have for any marketer or business owner!

How To Connect With Maggie:

Website: maggiegentry.com/

Instagram: @maggiegentry_

Facebook: MaggieGentry 

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