Episode 01: How to Generate Your First 100k Visitors To Your Website (Legitimately)

Podcast Overview

The following is a brief overview of Erik Lenderman and Eric Koch's Podcast, which will provide you with a brief review of the key elements of Erik Lenderman's methodology for generating your first 100,000 unique, organic visitors.

The first step is to ensure that you have conducted your keyword research, which must focus upon your company's niche and it's local geographic location.  Erik's company, the Lenderman Consulting Group recommends this methodology, because you can narrow your search competition from 1.2 Billion competitors to 69 million through simply narrowing the search term from "restaurants" to "restaurants in Washington dc", for example. 

You may narrow your search competition even further to 4 million through specifying your company's unique category, such as "Italian restaurants in Washington, dc".  The podcast goes into much more details with Erik Lenderman and Eric Koch - So listen - Don't just read this brief synopsis! 

This methodology may be applied to law firms, medical practices, real estate groups, and many other business categories.

Erik's methodology, via Lenderman Consulting Group, recommends that you build a domain name, which is closely based upon the type of business that you operate, because Google will rank your company in accord with the search term relevance of your domain name.  For example, "Italian-restaurants-in-washington-DC.com" - Although this may not be aesthetically pleasing, this will rank for your search term.  Therefore, you may want to build two websites - One to generate traffic and another to serve as your brand's home pages for business cards, commercials, etc.

Erik Lenderman's consulting group also recommends that you build a minimum of 250 - 500 pages of unique content in order to generate organic visitors to your website.  Through publishing relevant, targeted, high quality content to your website regularly, you will begin generating organic traffic through google. 

Of course, Erik Lenderman also recommends Google Analytics for monitoring website metrics, heatmaps for user engagement, A/B testing, email database development, and much more.

Take a look at this PodCast with Erik Lenderman and Eric Koch to learn more about this subject today!

Erik Lenderman, founder of Lenderman Consulting Group

Erik Lenderman, founder of Lenderman Consulting Group

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Key takeaways from this episode:

  • The strategies, tactics and tools you will need to put in place to drive targeted traffic to your website

  • Why quality content matters and the importance of backlinks

  • How much content you need to be producing
  • How long it will take for your domain to be released from the "Google Sandbox"
  • What changes you can expect in the near future when it comes to driving targeted traffic to your website

Key Resource:

For the visual aid to today's episode, simply click on the orange link below, which will redirect you to email Erik Lenderman. Simply ask Erik to send you the visual aid/whitepaper in your email and he will gladly send it over to you. I myself have a copy and have found this to be an extremely valuable tool. 

You can also contact Erik Lenderman at his website: http://eriklenderman.com/

Stay Tuned!

Next week's episode will feature a special guest discussing what to do with all the traffic that is coming to your website. Several strategies and tactics will be shared, so stay tuned! 


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