Episode 02: You Have Traffic Coming to Your Website - Now What? - Strategies on How to Convert Your Website Traffic

Frank Goodman, the founder of Bleeding Bulb, a strategic and digital development shop that specializes in shaping ideas into reality, shares his marketing expert strategies and tips to convert website traffic into leads. 

If you recall from our first episode, Erik Lenderman of Lenderman Consulting shared his proven strategies and tactics to get your first 100k visitors to your website. This episode features Frank discussing what to do with that traffic to convert them into leads! 

Frank Goodman, Founder of  Bleeding Bulb

Frank Goodman, Founder of Bleeding Bulb

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Key Takeaways: 

  • The importance of segmentation and getting the right messaging to audiences based on web behavior. 

  • How many touches it can take to convert a lead, and why you must be creative and strategic in hitting up your audience with the right messaging at the right moment to convert. 
  • The tools you need to have in place for tracking and mapping out your campaigns. 
  • Why testing is important to see what works in connecting with your audience on an emotional level to react. 
  • Why it is imperative to study your competition - they've already done some of the testings for you so you can bring down your marketing costs. 

Key Resources From the Episode:

To learn more about Frank Goodman's Bulb Factory, an 8-week program designed to help you take your business to the next level (highly recommended) then send a quick email below to Frank requesting more info. 

Stay Tuned!

Next week's episode will feature a special guest discussing (quality) content marketing in the B2B landscape, why it's relevant, and strategies and tactics to help your enterprise develop quality content that moves the needle in closing sales deals faster!

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