#78: Part 3 – 5 Unorthodox Ways to Tap Into and Unleash Your Creative Superpowers

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Howdy, everyone! Welcome to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! I am your host and chief creative officer, Eric, and this is the weekly podcast for all things creative to help you build and grow professionally and personally!

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Alright, guys so let’s dive into this week’s episode, which is part three in our five-part series in on five unorthodox tips to help you discover and unleash your creative superpowers!

If you haven’t tuned into the previous two in our series then be sure to tune in following this episode. You can find them at episode 74 and 76.

But just as a quick recap, episode 74 I talked about starting at ground zero, which is all about removing unnecessary life weight.

I talked about my seven-year journey – the highs and extreme lows – going through this journey of removing stuff in my life that was weighing me down.

I never thought seven years ago I would be where I am today, and I am super thankful for going through this process.

Seven years ago I was working jobs I hated but needed to pay the bills and support the family. I knew ultimately that I’d one day be in business for myself, dancing to the beat of my own drums, but I had to go through a process to get here. And part of this process was to take inventory of all the stuff in my life that was weighing me down – physical clutter, debt, relationships, etc.

For a lot of us, we don’t realize how much we have accumulated over the years, and it certainly is easy to do. What I have found is that the more we accumulate, the more stress and burdens we create that weigh us down. And for me, when this happened I was in some of my darkest moments and relied heavily on alcohol to help me cope with it all.

So, if you or someone you know is dealing with a lot of stress in your life then start to take inventory of what is causing the stress.

I broke out an exercise on episode 74 in which you take a sheet of paper and draw a picture of yourself on the left side then on the right side you write out where you want to be in life. Then in the middle between these two is where you jot down what needs to take place to get to the right side of that page.

I am telling you guys, I called this series five unorthodox tips for a reason. I go deep here. Most articles or information you come across will tell you to go to a quiet corner and remove distractions so you can focus and be creative. But my thinking is, what motivation would you have, or how can you focus and produce your best magical work when you have a ton of burdens weighing you down? It’s almost an impossible scenario. So that was step one.

Step two, episode 76 was all about cutting down or out unnecessary distractions. I talked about my funny story of becoming a cord cutter – getting rid of cable – before the term cord cutting was a thing.

I also talked about how I was able to shift the time I was spending on passive media platforms – e.g. television watching, social media, etc. – to more productive passions of mine.

This was the beginning or the activation of my creative superpowers. Next thing I knew I was in my flow state each day working on what I loved doing most, which eventually led to the start of The Creative Marketing Zone.

Now, part three, which is what today’s episode is on, is all about the importance of surrounding yourself with more creatives.

People don’t realize that there is creativity everywhere, and without creativity, we wouldn’t be here.

We were all created for a special purpose and it is up to us to discover and unleash these creative superpowers – the world needs it!

Whether this is through music, art, writing, films, expression, or business, etc. you do have creative powers!

Going through parts one and two in this series will help you activate this process of discovering and unleashing. Part three of surrounding yourself with others who are tapping into their creative superpowers will help keep you inspired and motivated to keep going and growing.

And the best part is, these creatives you study or surround yourself with don’t actually have to know they are a source of inspiration.

For instance, in a recent episode, I talked about a new Netflix documentary on the legendary music and film producer Quincy Jones. If you want some creative inspiration, watch his documentary on Netflix.

But there are other ways you can surround yourself with creativity. This podcast is one of them, lol. Sorry, I had to put in a shameless plug, but seriously though, I love bringing on guests who can share their creative ninja tips that work to help us grow our businesses.

I learn so much from the guests, build incredible relationships, and get to share everything with you, which is such a joy for me!

Reading more How To Books and watching more How To YouTube videos is also a great way to constantly be learning new creative insights. I am always on a learning hunt and these are both great sources.

Listening to music that sparks creativity can also help. And so can checking out local events in your area, like Meetups that are geared toward your interests to help you grow is a great way to be around like-minded people.

I once heard the quote that you are the average of the five people you are around, and this is so true guys. If you are the best in your circle then it is time to find a new circle.

When you are around people who suck the life out of you and have nothing but drama then chances of getting to that next level are slim to none.

People often come and go in life and cutting off the people who are bringing you down is critically important.

This can even apply to a long-term relationship with a significant other. I am not a relationship counselor, but there really is no point in stringing someone along or being in a relationship with someone when you are on two different wavelengths.

One of the most important relationships is the relationship you have with yourself. And if you find that you are detaching yourself to attach to someone else, then this is a big problem as you can lose your self-identity. And when you lose your self-identity, this is when bad habits can creep in.

Don’t just be in a relationship because you have been told to remain with that person the rest of your life – this is toxic. I know if you have kids with your significant other this can bring a whole new dynamic to the situation – trust me, as a father to three teenage boys I know. But you have to make that tough decision to move forward, and only you can ultimately make that decision – the other party won’t.

Okay, I feel like I have gone off on too much of a rant there, but it does pretty much sum up the theme for part three in our five-part series today. Find sources of creativity that will help inspire and motivate you to be your best creative self.

Cut off the people who are not helping you get to where you need to grow and surround yourself with people who are doing better than you.

Thank you for tuning in, I hope you found this episode helpful.

And don’t forget, I will be back on Tuesday with another awesome interview with a marketing guru sharing his or her ninja tips to help you grow your business.

Enjoy your weekend!

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