#80: 5 Unorthodox Ways to Discover and Unleash Your Creative Superpowers - Part 4

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Howdy, everyone! Welcome to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! I am your host and chief creative officer, Eric, and this is the weekly podcast for all things creative to help you build and grow professionally and personally!

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Now, before I dive into part four in our five part series, I want to check-in with you and see what you thought about episode 79 featuring Jason Swenk – how cool was that ninja tip he shared?

If you haven’t done so yet, then be sure to tune into that interview after this episode. Jason built, scaled and sold his digital marketing agency for millions a few years back and now he teaches agency owners how to follow the same process.

But that wasn’t what the episode was about. He came on the show to share a nifty move he implemented on his Contact Us page on his website which has now garnered over $250k in additional revenue for his business since implementing. I am considering going this route with my website and if you plan on doing so as well let me know.

This is why I love producing this awesome podcast - I get to learn from awesome gurus and share with you these ninja tips for free! Many podcasts are fillers – meaning they will share the “what” with you, but I like to go deeper and share the how with actionable tips, which I feel is more impactful.

Alright, let’s jump into this week. Now, this is part four in our five-part series of 5 unorthodox tips to discover and unleash your creative superpowers and just as a quick recap of what was covered so far - episode 74 I talked about starting at ground zero, which is all about removing unnecessary life weight.

I talked about my seven-year journey – the highs and extreme lows – going through this journey of removing stuff in my life that was weighing me down.

I never thought seven years ago I would be where I am today, and I am super thankful for going through this process.

Seven years ago I was working jobs I hated but needed to pay the bills and support the family. I knew ultimately that I’d one day be in business for myself, dancing to the beat of my own drums, but I had to go through a process to get here. And part of this process was to take inventory of all the stuff in my life that was weighing me down – physical clutter, debt, relationships, etc.

For a lot of us, we don’t realize how much we have accumulated over the years, and it certainly is easy to do. What I have found is that the more we accumulate, the more stress and burdens we create that weigh us down. And for me, when this happened I was in some of my darkest moments and relied heavily on alcohol to help me cope with it all.

So, if you or someone you know is dealing with a lot of stress in your life then start to take inventory of what is causing the stress.

I broke out an exercise on episode 74 in which you take a sheet of paper and draw a picture of yourself on the left side then on the right side you write out where you want to be in life. Then in the middle between these two is where you jot down what needs to take place to get to the right side of that page.

I am telling you guys, I called this series five unorthodox tips for a reason. I go deep here. Most articles or information you come across will tell you to go to a quiet corner and remove distractions so you can focus and be creative. But my thinking is, what motivation would you have, or how can you focus and produce your best magical work when you have a ton of burdens weighing you down? It’s almost an impossible scenario. So that was step one.

Step two, episode 76 was all about cutting down or out unnecessary distractions. I talked about my funny story of becoming a cord cutter – getting rid of cable – before the term cord cutting was a thing.

I also talked about how I was able to shift the time I was spending on passive media platforms – e.g. television watching, social media, etc. – to more productive passions of mine.

This was the beginning or the activation of my creative superpowers. Next thing I knew I was in my flow state each day working on what I loved doing most, which eventually led to the start of The Creative Marketing Zone.

Part three – episode 78 was all about the importance of surrounding yourself around like-minded creatives, or to start consuming more creative inspiration or content.

We were all created for a special purpose and it is up to us to discover and unleash these creative superpowers – the world needs it!

Whether this is through music, art, writing, films, expression, or business, etc. you do have creative powers!

Going through parts one and two in this series will help you activate this process of discovering and unleashing. Part three of surrounding yourself with others who are tapping into their creative superpowers will help keep you inspired and motivated to keep going and growing.

Now, part four is all about the importance of taking that first step or action, and for me, this started with journaling and taking better care of myself.

I use a tool called 750 words, which can be found at 750words.com to journal each day. This is a free platform and what I love most about 750words is that it is like a brain dump and I often, through my writing begin to jot down ideas – my creative juices begin to flow. 750 words may seem like a lot, but in actuality, it isn’t.

I sometimes go way beyond 750 words. And what’s cool is that this tool or platform will help hold you accountable each day. Once you complete your writing for the day, a box is marked off at the top of your screen with an “X” and the goal is to keep writing each day to keep the chain of “X’s” going.

Comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld once said he’d write a new joke each day and would mark off his calendar with an “X,” and he didn’t want to break this chain. It is a little psychological trick that works, and it may only take as little as 10 minutes each day to complete your journaling.

I actually use a lot of my entries to write the show notes for this podcast. But in the early stages before starting my business, I used this platform to just get what was out of my head. And looking back on some of the entries not all of these posts were positive. I often wrote about my struggles, dark moments, and what I wanted to do in life. It became an outlet for me or a form of therapy.

What’s also cool about 750 words is that it not only archives all your entries, which are kept private, but they also provide you with some stats. They show stats of favorite words I like to use, my overall mood based on my writings for a certain period of time, points I have racked up and more. Definitely check out this tool and begin writing today to spark your creative juices.

Now, the second part of taking better care of yourself is one I still struggle with each day, to be honest, but I have gotten much better with over the years.

Exercise is so important! Maybe this sounds a little inappropriate to say here, but I feel like my day is a pretty good day if I pee (clearly), poop and sweat.

Toxins make our way into our bodies and getting rid of these toxins is so critical not only for our overall health but also for our mental health.

The feel-good endorphins that are released from working out help to spark my creative juices. And I get my best creative work done following these workouts.

I don’t have a normal 9-5 schedule – like you tuning in, I am too creative for a 9-5. So sometimes I don’t get my workouts in until later in the day or evening. And sometimes I don’t actually start working until later in the day.

In conjunction with working out, eating better is critical. I don’t consume as many carbs or processed food these days. I used to eat a lot of bread, subs, pizza, chips and drink beer. All bad.

I wish I had a normal eating schedule, something I am working on now, but I am much more conscious about what I eat. For instance, tonight I am going to eat with family at one of our favorite pizza spots.

While I know I will eat a slice – or square as these are made – I will be staring down the menu looking for a somewhat healthy salad with oil and vinegar dressing. What’s funny is that I now love Greek salads, and that is the first thing I look for on the menus when eating out.

When it comes to subs, I actually swap out the bread for a lettuce wrap. One of my favorite sub joints is Jimmy Johns in my area and they have an option to eat their subs in a lettuce wrap – called an unwhich – which I absolutely love!

Coffee is something I still struggle with, but I have been drinking more water along with eating fewer potato chips.

The point of all this is that we can’t be our full creative versions when we are stressed with excess weight on our shoulder, distracted all the time, not surrounding ourselves around creative inspiration and not writing and taking better care of ourselves.

All of these are critically important and are needed to help discover and begin unleashing our creative superpowers. As I mentioned before, you can’t just lock yourself up in a room in isolation and expect your creative juices to flow when life is in a disarray. It is a process to go through, for me a seven-year journey to get here. But the process is well worth it, one day at a time – progress, even if it is just 1% each day adds up!

Thank you for tuning in guys, I hope you found this episode helpful.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on social media or via email. You can find me Instagram at @TheCreativeMarketingZone, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also reach out to me via email at Eric@thecreativemarketingzone.com

And don’t forget, I will be back on Tuesday with another awesome interview with a marketing guru sharing his or her ninja tips to help you grow your business.

Enjoy your weekend!

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