#85: How to Get Free Leads on LinkedIn Using These Actionable Tips

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Welcome to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! I am your host and chief creative officer, Eric, and this is the weekly podcast for all things creative to help you build and grow your business!

I am super pumped today to bring on Joey Gilkey, Founder of Tribe Prospecting and Flightseed. Tribe Prospecting is a done-for-you platform for marketing agencies, freelancers, and consultants that fill up your pipeline consistently with leads. And Flightseed helps SAAS companies scale their growth on autopilot by combining results that work from social media ad campaigns, growth hacking, and built-for-you sales funnels.

Joey was actually referred to me from Jason Swenk who you probably remember back on episode 79. Jason, as you may recall, grew, scaled, and sold his digital marketing agency a few years back for well over eight figures and he served as a mentor for Joey. Now Joey has had a ton of success growing and scaling his businesses, which we will learn more about today, and is partnered with Jason on some business deals as well.

Specifically, on today’s episode, Joey is going to break down some ninja tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively to prospect and build a sales funnel. I am eager to learn more from Joey during our interview, and of course, share this episode with you guys because LinkedIn is going to be my social platform of choice in 2019 I feel.

This year I spent a ton of time on Instagram, and while I do have fun on IG, I have found that building and growing a digital marketing agency is tough on the platform, unless I am selling services to grow Instagram accounts, which I really don’t want to get involved in.

Clients with bigger budgets tend to be on LinkedIn more so than Instagram in my opinion, and I have built up a sizeable following on the LinkedIn platform over the years just by making connections. However, I am not using the platform effectively to grow and scale my business. The tips and examples Joey will share with us today are ones you and I can leverage to start prospecting effectively and building up a nice size lead funnel for our businesses.

Now, if this your first time tuning into the awesomeness of this show then Welcome, I am super thrilled you are here. Each Tuesday I release an awesome interview with a marketing guru sharing his or her actionable ninja tips to help you build and grow your business. Then on Friday’s is when I release a solo episode on something new I have learned that works, doesn’t work, or some general marketing tips to help you grow professionally and personally.

And speaking of Friday’s episode – how cool were those two LinkedIn ninja hacks I shared from the DC Podfest event I attended? I made a big mistake of uploading the wrong file for that episode initially, I uploaded the unedited version and then on Sunday I had some listening friends let me know about this. So I apologize if you got the raw unedited version, the real version is now live on episode 84 and these are definitely two tips to leverage, which came courtesy of Karen Yankovich who spoke on LinkedIn for podcasters in which I couldn’t help but share with you guys. Would love to hear your thoughts.

And if you are a repeat listening friend of the show then welcome back! I am super stoked to have you here with me each week wherever you are! As you know this show keeps getting better and better each week.

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So Fresh!

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Many thanks for tuning in team Alimond, it is my goal and passion to keep this train running as it also helps me along this journey of growing my business alongside with you!

Alright, guys, we have an interview to conduct, so, without further ado, let’s welcome Joey to the show!

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Key Takeaways From the Episode:

  • The importance of nailing down your ideal audience when it comes to not only the demographics but also the psychographics including pain points you solve and using this to help craft out a better profile.

  • Don’t treat LinkedIn as a resume!

  • Why it pays to treat your LinkedIn page as a landing page – LinkedIn is giving you free traffic to a landing page, and Joey is taking full advantage of this by driving 250-300 people per week to his profile.

  • The detailed framework Joey broke down on how to get 250-300 people to your LinkedIn profile or landing page as he likes to call it per week.

  • Why it pays to have Sales Navigator, which pays for itself if you use the system right, including the tagging system he broke down, which can be done in Sales Navigator.

  • The type of content to share and avoid sharing on LinkedIn, and how less is actually more on LinkedIn versus some of the other social platforms.

  • Why it makes sense to clean up your LinkedIn account, which can also be done through Sales Navigator, I am going through this daunting process now.

  • And so much more!

How to Connect With Joey

Website: www.TribeProspecting.com 

*Be sure to take advantage of his free guide entitled:

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Email: Joey@TribeProspecting.com 

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