#81: Simple (and Creative) Conversion Optimization Strategies to Convert Visitors Into Leads

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Welcome to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! I am your host and chief creative officer, Eric, and this is the weekly podcast for all things creative to help you build and grow your business!

Today, I am super pumped to bring on Jason Berkowitz, who is a huge SEO nerd spending late nights analyzing data (paired with whiskey). Sounds interesting J

Jason is the Founder of Break The Web, a hybrid digital marketing agency that builds traffic generating campaigns. Paving the way with SEO, Break The Web has grown from the one-man SEO freelance operation in 2009 to 15-full time team members from around the globe. They have strategized, implemented & consulted with over 150 brands, ranging from your local flower shop to the nationally recognized Fortune 500 companies.

Today Jason is here to talk more about conversion optimization. He will go over some simple and creative conversion tactics designed to convert visitors into leads.

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No-fluff ideas delivered in a fun way 

Eric is a great host who asks straightforward questions to get the most insights from his guests. Really appreciate a podcast with actionable recommendations around marketing and entrepreneurship. It’s also clear that Eric and his guests are having fun during the show as well! - Jgxx1234

Thanks so much, and yes I do love to have fun on the show. I have told this story on several episode now on when I first started my podcast and how nervous I was behind the mic. I was literally sweating profusely under my armpits and was heavy on the ums and ughs. But now, after 81 episodes in, I am totally comfortable and having fun with this. So, I am glad to hear that you are hearing some of the fun that goes on with these interviews as well.

Without further ado, let’s welcome Jason to the show!

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Also Available to Listen/Download in iTunes | Google Play Store | Stitcher Radio | Spotify | And More!

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