#88: Whiskey Referrals, Boat Parties, and Unconventional Law Firm Marketing

Neil Juneja  , founder, and managing partner at   Gleam Law Firm

Neil Juneja, founder, and managing partner at Gleam Law Firm

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Welcome to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! I am your host and chief creative officer, Eric, and this is the weekly podcast for all things creative to help you build and grow professionally and personally!

Today I am super pumped to bring on Neil Juneja, founder, and managing partner at Gleam Law Firm.

Neil is an intellectual property lawyer and his impeccable track record and years of marijuana law experience navigating the complexities of patents, trademarks, and copyrights is what helped Gleam Law stand out from the competition.

Throughout his career to date, he has filed over 400 marijuana cannabis trademarks and patent applications. He also represents clients worldwide with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Neil has also been featured in Newsweek, Time Magazine, and countless documentaries for his work in the cannabis industry.

Now, I didn’t bring Neil on the show today to specifically discuss marijuana law. I did, however, bring on Neil to discuss how he has creatively grown his firm by leveraging some unorthodox marketing strategies and tactics – whiskey, boat parties and more!

As everyone tuning into our awesome weekly podcast should know by now, we are all about sharing creative ninja tips, and if you are looking at ways to generate business by doing things a little bit different, then surely this is the episode for you!

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Many thanks for tuning in Snicker45, it is my goal and passion to keep this train running as it also helps me along this journey of growing my business alongside with you!

So, without further ado, let’s welcome Neil to the show!

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Key Takeaways from My Conversation With Neil

  • How and why Neil leverages whiskey and boat parties to land referrals

  • Why it pays to create a category and exploit that category – the Cirque du Soleil example was mentioned

  • The importance of finding your personality and tapping into your personality with your marketing

  • Why you shouldn’t go out and network. Instead, go out and make friends – so true here

How to Connect With Neil

If you need help with anything in Cannabis law, business law, intellectual property or litigation then definitely reach out to Neil at Gleamlaw.com or at assholelawyer.com.