Episode 30: Three Huge Mistakes to Avoid When Running Your Marketing Business

Three Huge Mistakes to Avoid Make When Running Your Marketing Business

Welcome to another awesome episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! 

Last week, I spoke to high school students at the same school I graduated from 18 years ago (wowser time flies)!

And because this was a business entrepreneurship class, students asked some really good business questions.

One in particular that stood out was: what are the biggest mistakes to avoid when running a business?

Initially, I thought that this was a loaded question to answer. But, luckily on a whim, I was able to come up with three big ones for the students. 

So today I am going to share three HUGE, and I mean meteoric or monumental mistakes to avoid making when running your marketing business, or any business really for that matter. 

Of course, I should also state that these are mistakes I had to learn to avoid on my own when I first started out.

And one of them, in particular, I did not learn until late last year, which turned out to be a big-time game changer in which I cannot wait to share with you today!

Whether you are just starting out or you already run a marketing business (or any business for that matter), this is episode for you!

Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts about these mistakes to avoid. Also, please feel free to share some additional ones to consider. 

Listen to the Episode Below:

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Key Takeaways:

  • Why messaging is important for your company's growth and reaching out to your target audience.
  • How doing what you preach can affect your sales, online presence, and your business as a whole.
  • How being human affects the growth of your business.
  • Tips, insights, and platforms you can leverage to get your business growing.
  • And so much more!

Key Resources:

How Great Leaders Inspire Action: Simon Sinek's famous Ted Talk on "Start with Why" to check out as I discuss in the episode. 

Episode 20: Maggie Gentry gives her insights about the "Owning Your Why" concept and how this strategy can help your business stand-out from the pack and get clear on your messaging with your target audience. 

Episode 22 and Episode 10: The episodes where Mike Rudd and I talked about the importance of eating your own dog food. Mike shared his insights and samples of marketing strategies that work.  


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