Episode 36: How to Stand Out and Grow Your Coaching Business

How to Stand Out and Grow Your Coaching Business

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Welcome to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! I am your host and chief creative officer, Eric, and today we have an awesome guest on our show – Terré Holmes!

Terré is a former international K-12 educator and college professor, certified transformational life coach, realtor and business mentor.

She helps freedom seekers climb out of the muck to build businesses and lives of enduring value through her signature course, Coin Clarity, a branding and marketing course, along with her multi-city tour (Live and Bounce Back), designed to give women of color access to workshops, personal, and business development resources, and join in on conversations with seasoned business owners.

As part of her multi-city tour, participants discuss success and failures, balancing family and work obligations, and becoming more resilient through each life challenge they face. They also share tips and tools for building and growing their business, while establishing viable partnerships and connections with other female CEOs.

I should also mention that Terré is a published author of the bestselling advice book, Love Lessons for Single Happy Girls and co-author of the business book, Upfront: An Entrepreneur’s Quick Start Guide.  Both of which can be found on Amazon.

Terré Holmes, Founder and CEO of  TerreHolmes.com

Terré Holmes, Founder and CEO of TerreHolmes.com

Today, I am going to be picking Terré’s brain on her consulting business and why she decided recently to stop offering one-on-one coaching and to stick to a platform and business model that best serves her clients. This allows Terré to tap into her natural gifts, and to create a lifestyle that works for her.

We are going to explore why it pays to niche down as a coach – or for any type of business for that matter - the difference between branding and marketing, and how to identify additional streams of income that exists in your business so you don’t end up leaving money on the table.

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Also Available to Listen/Download in iTunes | Google Play Store | Stitcher Radio

Key Takeaways:

  • How and why Terré started her career in coaching.
  • How to stand out as a coach in this very competitive field and business.
  • The difference between marketing and branding, and how this can be applied to coaches seeking to grow their business.
  • Where you should spend your time on branding and marketing. The tactics that work well and brings great results.
  • The strategies and tactics in branding and marketing that coaches should avoid.
  • Additional streams of income that coaches can take advantage of when growing their business.
  • The future of coaching in the next few years.
  • And so much more!

Key Resources:

Live and Bounce Back: This is Terré's multi-city tour mentioned earlier in which she focuses on bringing resources, strategies, and encouragement for women of color who want to build their business, take care of their families and become more resilient through each life challenge that they face.

Coin ClarityTerré's amazing course that brings clarity to the difference between branding and marketing. The course also highlights how you can use social media platforms that work best for your business.

How to Connect with Terré:

Website: TerreHolmes.com

Be sure to join Terré's email list on the bottom of her homepage to become an insider and receive her free complimentary resource - 7 Steps to Position Yourself to Speak for Fee


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