Episode 50: How to Get 50% Or Higher Click-Through Rates With Your Emails [Secret Ninja Tip]


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Hey everyone, happy Friday! I am super excited to share this ninja tip as part of our solo Friday episode series. And this one is one you should definitely incorporate to skyrocket your click-through rates with your e-blasts or emails you send out using an email marketing platform. 

Tune into the episode above and check out the example images below of a basic email campaign I recently sent out for a client.

In a nutshell, this client was sending out their semi-annual newsletter to a list of close to 1,000 email addresses.

Using this creative approach below, we were able to get over 50% click-throughs with the e-blast for people to view the digital newsletter. 

And this is not just a one-time fluke either. 

I have used this tactic multiple times now and the lowest click-throughs we have received to date is 41%, which is crazy considering the industry average for this client is 9.3%!

Results from Campaign.PNG

Some of the tools to leverage as mentioned in this podcast episode include:

  • Neverbounce - use this tool (it is cheap) to ensure you have a clean email list. There is nothing worse than sending out an e-blast that has a bunch of emails that are no longer existent or will end up being bounced. This will impact your email deliverability rates, which I have learned before with this client. 
  • Subjectline.com - use this tool to help you generate an epic subject line that will help entice those on your list to want to click and view your email - it is free!
  • Animoto - I talked about this cool tool before on my Instagram Stories. But in case you missed that segment a while back, this cool app (which is free), allows you to upload photos, pick a template, and add music or a voice over. Once you go through these simple steps, Animoto does the rest of the work for you by creating an awesome video slideshow for you. 

Here is the link to my client's landing page in which I featured the animoto video as part of the short video (you get to see me in the video) to get people to view the digital flip book newsletter. 

Also, another thing to keep in mind in which I talk about on the podcast - make sure you have very few (1-2 max) hyperlinks in your email or e-blast you send out. Having more hyperlinks can also impact your email deliverability rates. 

Let me know your thoughts using this creative Friday ninja tip, or better yet, share with me your results!

Also, Tuesday stay tuned!

We will have Kaarin Vembar, co-founder, and co-host of the Pop Fashion Podcast on my show. 

Kaarin and her co-host have been running the Pop Fashion Podcast for four plus years now, and they have not missed a single week with publishing content (crazy, right?)!

They also have built up quite the loyal listening following with over 500 iTunes reviews, and sponsorship opportunities now being presented to them as a result of their efforts. 

This episode (episode 51) will be all about podcasting tips. So if you are interested in starting a podcast, or want to learn more about the power of podcasting and how you can use this as a mechanism to grow your platform and community, then this will be the episode to tune into. 

Enjoy your weekend and this episode everyone, and talk to you on Tuesday!