Episode 61: You Can’t Pay Your Bills with Followers

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Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! I am your host and chief creative officer, Eric, and this week I am super pumped to bring a repeat guest on our show, Frank Goodman, founder of Bleeding Bulb.

Frank Goodman, Founder of   Bleeding Bulb

Frank Goodman, Founder of Bleeding Bulb

Frank and the Bleeding Bulb team works with small businesses to help them find the most effective way to reach their goals based on budget and priority. Growth hack consulting, website and apps, user-experience (UX) and graphics, and digital film and motion are just a few of the awesome services they provide, which can be found at www.BleedingBulb.com.

Now, I had Frank all the way back on episode 2 in which we talked about strategies on how to convert your web traffic into leads for your business.

What I like most about Frank is that he is super knowledgeable, and he practices what he preaches. Too often I come across digital agency providers that proclaim they are proficient in a certain area – let’s say web design – and when I go to their website it sucks!

I used to belong in a networking chapter with Frank and one of his weekly asks at the event was ugly business cards. If a business owner has an ugly business card then chances are they have an ugly website and could use his help. I don’t have or carry business cards these days so I guess I technically don’t count here, right?

All kidding aside, Frank is one cool dude and he is super passionate about what he does, which is why I wanted to bring him back on The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast.

On today’s episode, we talk about why followers won’t pay your bills.

Believe it or not, but I often encounter business owners who are all about vanity metrics. They get excited when they see their Instagram followers grow with targeted followers, get a ton of legit likes and comments, you name it.

But at the end of the day, what good is this for your business if you can’t pay your bills?

There needs to be a more strategic approach to get you from point A - where you are now, to point B - getting paid. Everything else is secondary.

We are going to dive into this topic today and discuss ways in which business owners and fellow marketers can focus less on the vanity stuff today and more on the dough in your bank account now.

Everything from influencer marketing, chiming in on discussions online, email marketing (which you probably are all too familiar with by now from several of the previous episodes) will be discussed today.

Then once you are generating the dough, this becomes the opportune time to start focusing more on the social media brand growth – or as we social media gurus like to call – social proof.

Now, if this is your first time tuning into the awesomeness of this show, then welcome – I am super thrilled you are here!

Each Tuesday I release a new episode interviewing a marketing guru sharing his or her creative marketing ninja tips for you to use to help you grow your business. And on Friday’s I release a solo episode discussing something new that works, doesn’t work, or some marketing tips I use for my business and for my clients to generate results.

Speaking of solo episodes, Friday’s episode, episode 60, was a fun one to record and share in which I shared my pros and cons list of operating a podcast for my business. If you are someone who has the itch or may be interested down the road to start a podcast then definitely tune into that episode after this one of course as I go over my list of the pros and cons to consider.

I also want to thank all of our repeat listening friends of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast who are tuning back in! I am so elated that you have chosen me each week to share some awesome creative tips in your ear wherever you are! Thank you so much for being a loyal listener as you know this show just keeps getting better and better each week! All of your positive messages you send me means a lot.

And speaking of better – this is more on the technical side of things – but I just upgraded my microphone to the Audio-Technica ATR 2100 mic. Before I was using a Yeti mic, which is also a good mic, but in my opinion, this mic has better overall sound quality. You will notice the difference as my interview with Frank was done with the Yeti.

If you are interested in learning more about the Audio-Technica mic then feel free to reach out to me. I bought this mic from Amazon with the stand and pop filter for $80 – no mixer required! It literally just plugs right into my laptop and it is super convenient for traveling, and it comes highly recommended by Pat Flynn – host of The Smart Passive Income Podcast.

Alright everyone, let’s go ahead and welcome Frank to the show!

How to Connect with Frank 

Email Frank at Frank@BleedingBulb.com

Website: www.BleedingBulb.com -> here you can learn more about the awesome Bulb Factory eight (8) week module to help you grow your business and the Bulb Suite app to learn more about text messaging capabilities for your business - this was a super cool resource Frank discussed on the show at the end. 

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