Episode 67: How to use Adaptive Messaging to Attract the Right Clients

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Well hello there – welcome to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! I am your host and chief creative officer Eric, and this week’s featured guest on the show is Naomi Lantzman, a digital marketing consultant in the Tampa Florida area working with businesses to help them grow and non-profits to help them raise more dough (hey that rhymes)!

Naomi delivers awesome results through custom digital marketing strategies and implementation. She has worked in communications and marketing at a large non-profit organization, as a Chief Technical Officer at a web development and public relations firm, and co-founded Signify Studio, a boutique graphic and web design company with her husband, Jared.

Naomi and Jared have also developed My Jewish Website and Online Fundraising Strategy together, which concentrates on building delightful, conversion-focused customer and donor journeys for niche audiences to take specific actions on websites.

Naomi is also the host of the Grow Your Non-Profit Podcast, which helps non-profits learn about digital marketing so they can improve their online fundraising without tech overwhelm or marketing hype.

Today, Naomi has joined us to discuss the importance of adaptive messaging in your marketing. She will explain what adaptive messaging is all about, how we as marketers can use this type of messaging to attract and go after the right type of clients, and so much more.

As you know, understanding your audience is a must. So how do you hone in those needs? How do you evaluate data and set up interactions to get a response? Naomi will cover this today as she definitely has the experience using this strategy for businesses and non-profits, and she has taught over 100 courses in marketing and design.

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Speaking of shout outs, something new I am starting to do now is to share a recent review of the show.

And this review comes from Marketing Fun with Mike in which he states:

“Eric puts together tangible business advice and tips from people who do the work each and every day. He’s also engaging and energetic and finds guests who are as well.”

That’s awesome, Marketing Fun With Mike – thanks so much. Funny thing about Mike now that I am reading this is that he has been on The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast twice – episodes 22 and 10 - and his review was not solicited.

Mike and I have actually been friends for several years now and we have never met in person. However, that is about to change as I am super duper excited to hang out with him and his wife in early October as we will be going to – duh to dah duh – Lewis Howe’s Summit of Greatness in Columbus Ohio! I am also going to crash at Mikes home as well, so maybe we can do a fun in-person podcast while I am there as I know I will be capturing a ton from my trip to Lewis’ exciting annual event – more to come on this.

So if you have an event in your area and you want me to crash at your residence then holla at me – I think it would be awesome to connect in person and learn some cool marketing strategies and tactics together and hang out of course.

Alright, so guys, we have an interview to conduct, don’t we! Let’s go ahead and welcome Naomi to the show!

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How to Connect with Naomi

-> If you have a business, then check out Signify Studio

-> If you have or work at a non-profit, then check out Online Fundraising Strategy

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