#93: Cold Emailing Tips and Tricks PayPal, Uber and Salesforce Used to Grow

Adrian Williams, CEO and Founder of   Promo Rocket

Adrian Williams, CEO and Founder of Promo Rocket

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What up, everyone! Welcome to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! My name is Eric Koch (rhymes with watch – or Koch Watch - hey, I like that), and I am your host and chief creative officer of The Creative Marketing Zone.

Today, I am super pumped to bring on Adrian Williams, founder of Promo Rocket. Promo Rocket creates products that leave a lasting impact through strategic gifting, promotional marketing and more.

I am excited to have Adrian on the show to not only discuss the merits of strategic gifting but to also hone in on cold emailing and how this strategy can be strategically leveraged to generate leads for your business.

Now several shows back, I released a short solo episode on why I felt like cold emailing was old school and is no longer relevant. But when I connected with Adrian, my mindset shifted. And the funny thing is that Adrian actually reached out to me via a cold email to be on the show. So this just shows that this can still work!

Adrian will share examples with us today – what to do and not do with cold emailing. He will also share with us the tools he uses to harvest, scrub, and send out the sequence of emails to grow and scale his business.

I should also mention that the methods Adrian will go over today are similar ones that were used by Elon Musk when he built PayPal. It is also what Uber used to launch in Chicago and several other cities. Salesforce, of course, pretty much pioneered cold email selling and it is how they built themselves into a billion dollar company, and today you get to learn some of the tips and tricks you can using cold emailing to grow your business to the next level. How cool is that, right guys?

Adrian will also share with us the importance of strategic gifting and why this is different than your standard promotional marketing with your logo plastered everywhere. If you recall back on episode 88, I had a fun conversation with Neil Juneja, founder of Gleam Law Firm. On the episode, Neil discussed how he uses strategic gifting with whiskey and boat parties to generate more leads from his clients and referral sources.

Of course, you don’t need to go to the great expense of what Neil did on that show for that was just one example of what works for his law firm to generate business.

However, you can use strategic gifting in a myriad of ways to help you stand out from the pack and keep your business top of mind, which is getting harder and harder in today’s day-and-age it seems.

But don’t worry, Adrian will share his story on how he got into the promotional business game by offering strategic gifting solutions for clients and the cold emailing tactics to generate massive leads – so stay tuned and be sure to take notes!

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Alright, guys, we have an interview to conduct, don’t we? So, without further ado, let’s welcome Adrian to the show!

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Key Takeaways

Here is a quick recap of some of my key takeaways from my conversation with Adrian:

  • Strategic gifting – what this is all about, and how to use strategic gifting to effectively stand out.

  • Cold emailing – how this can be used as your #1 outreach for marketing campaigns, especially if you are bootstrapping. As I have mentioned before, outbound is certainly not dead. In fact, outbound marketing, if done right, can be more scalable that inbound where you are constantly trying to get people into a funnel and work them through the various stages of your funnel to ultimately become a client. With outbound marketing strategies, like cold emailing, you can drastically cut this time down by focusing on getting your ideal audience on a call with you – or as we like to call, a discovery call.

  • Why it pays to write your emails when cold emailing as if you are writing to your Grandma. Adrian talked about his sequence of emails, which is about 5-6 or so and what he generally says in these emails. The typical open rates, if set up rate, can be as high as 50%.

  • The tools Adrian uses to harvest emails. You can use Fiverr to buy a list. Or you can also use a simple Google extension tool called Linked Helper to extract contacts from LinkedIn into a CSV file. I found this to be super cool!

  • Using an email scrubbing tool is imperative. I have used Neverbounce before in the past, which is super cheap. You want to have a list that is as clean as possible before uploading to send out your cold emails.

  • Do not use an email marketing CRM (e.g. Mailchimp, Convertkit, or ConstantContact) to send emails to this list. These are platforms in which you must receive permission to email these people – such as you have collected their info from a lead magnet. Trust me you will get banned if you use these tools for what is being discussed on today’s show.

  • Instead, use Mailshake to send out your sequence of cold emails. Once you have your list together, simply upload to Mailshake, set up your campaigns, and fire away. Of course, you want to make sure you are careful with sending out your emails and not sending out hundreds or thousands per day to avoid getting banned from Gmail and their anti-spamming rules. But Mailshake is a great tool to use.

How to Connect with Adrian

Promo Rocket Website

Adrian’s website for strategic gifting of your promotional marketing needs -> www.promorocket.co

Email Marketing Webinar – Step-by-Step Process on How to Set This All Up

Adrian’s webinar course on how to implement cold email marketing for your next marketing campaign (basically what was talked about today, but he actually shows you on this webinar, which I highly recommend you check out as well) -> www.promomail.co

Again, companies like PayPal, Salesforce, and Uber all used similar strategies and tactics using cold emailing to grow and scale their business, and certainly, we can too.


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As always, I like to close things out by stating to go out and practice your ABC’s to success. Always be closing, yes, but also, always be creative and take action! Talk to you next week!