#101: How to Realign and Fall Back in Love With Your Business

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Howdy everyone, welcome to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! I am your host and chief creative officer, Eric Koch (rhymes with watch) and this is the weekly show on all things creative to help you grow – professionally and personally!

Today, I am super excited to bring on Linsi Brownson, Coach and Creative Director at Spark Collaborative.

Linsi works with entrepreneurs who are committed to taking their business to a new level and are ready to let go of exhaustion, overworking, confusion and anything that doesn’t serve their highest goals. They are ready to step into their full power as a person and entrepreneur, to realize their potential and create an impact in the world.

I wanted to bring Linsi on for several reasons. First, she is super experienced and skilled at helping entrepreneurs spark something inside that is calling them forward, into a new life and a bigger version of themselves. She is also extremely gifted at helping entrepreneurs realign their business when they are experiencing massive burnout, which is something I wanted to explore with her today.

As many of you can probably relate, when first starting out your entrepreneurial journey, there is a ton of excitement. Eventually, however, the excitement tends to wear off, and we become exhausted and exasperated! Pushing through this level is tough, and it is something I experienced hardcore in 2018.

Selfishly today’s interview may be more of a personal experience of me going through a coaching session with Linsi, which I know is not only super helpful for me but also for many of you.

There is even a six (6) step formula Linsi will break down which can be super helpful for us when seeking to get what we really want to achieve with our businesses. I found this to be super helpful, and I cannot wait to explore this and more with Linsi on the show today.

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I have been doing this show for almost two years now and it is such a pleasure to be able to connect with awesome folks, like Linsi, who come on and share their tips – for free! I get to learn with you along this journey and believe me, this journey will continue!

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Alright, guys, we have an awesome show to conduct, don’t we? So, without further ado, let’s welcome Linsi to the show!

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Key Takeaways:

  • I loved hearing Linsi’s story about how she started her thriving business at Spark Collaborative out of a prior failed business in a home furniture and home décor business online in 2009 with her husband.

  • Linsi’s method of prospecting using LinkedIn at the time and how this worked really well for her back in the day.

  • The number one interesting cycle she sees with entrepreneurs which is all about the hustle. There is this excitement and adrenaline rush of creating something new. A lot of entrepreneurs only know how to be in that hustle mode, but hustle mode can be toxic as Linsi broke down.

  • Linsi’s six-step formula to realign and fulfill your potential – the business alignment framework: Personal Power and the zone of excellence; Vision between hustle mentality in survival mode versus when you really connect with that big vision – what does your business want to be? This takes it into a whole new level; Model and the everybody wins mentality; Capital in hustle mode (not just money, also relational) – something I have struggled with from a subconscious mindset – what if money was just energy in the world and what if it was available to you and I and what actions would we take to align with that? Story – how do you truly connect and impact people’s lives? And finally, Time – what are you committed to, and what are you producing? If you feel like you never have enough time ask yourself, “What are you committed to?” Also, ask yourself, “What am I producing?” When you can connect with the thing you can produce, then it becomes part of the bigger vision.

How To Connect With Linsi

Website: https://www.sparkcollaborative.com/ and take advantage of her freebie, The Ultimate Business Clarity – a ten minute Guided Visualization Meditation to explore your biggest vision and apply it using Business Clarity Action Plan.

The Spark and Victory Podcast: https://sparkandvictory.com/ - an incredible lineup of raw and brilliant conversations that are sure to spark insight into your journey as an entrepreneur.

Alright, guys, that is all I have for you today. Thank you so much for tuning in. Be sure to join us again next week as we will continue on with some more awesome creative marketing ninja tips for your business. And again, if you or someone you know needs some creative marketing assistance to take your coaching, consulting or even your agency to the next level, then text the code word “strategy” to 31996 from your mobile phone to secure your spot for your free strategy call with me today.

I will continue the tradition of closing out by stating to go out and practice your ABC’s to success. Yes, always be closing, but also, always be creative and take action!

Talk next week.