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Patrick McKenna, Founder and CEO of   Strike Social

Patrick McKenna, Founder and CEO of Strike Social

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Hey there! Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast! My name is Eric Koch (rhymes with watch) and I am your host and chief creative officer of The Creative Marketing Zone, and this is the show for all things creative to help you grow personally and professionally.

It’s been a few weeks since the last episode has aired and a lot has been going on, personally. I appreciate everyone who has reached out as I work through a lot of things in which I am not ready to open up about. But I am a huge believer in the power of positive thinking and this will all work out, I know it.

Let’s jump into the awesomeness for today though, shall we?

I am super pumped to bring on Patrick McKenna, Founder, and CEO of Strike Social, a global technology-enabled digital advertising company. Patrick has more than 30 years of experience in business development and technology consulting for major corporations. He co-founded and sold telecommunications company WCI in 1996 and was recruited by Microsoft as part of a 50 person team to develop the internet audio and video industry.

By the end of Patrick’s 12 years at Microsoft, the department had developed into the Windows Entertainment Division now employing 40,000 people.

Patrick has spent his career mentoring and investing in startup companies and in 2013 founded Strike Social, which was named the No. 17 fastest-growing private company in the U.S. for 2017 by Inc. Magazine. Awesome stuff, right guys?

Strike Social develops AI-powered software and services for digital advertisers across verticals with over half of the Fortune 500 companies benefiting from its solutions including brands like Beat, Xbox, Honda, Mattel, Lionsgate, and large financial institutions.

I must say, today’s interview with Patrick was a fun one for sure. I learned a ton from his experience and I know you will too. You will also pick up on our fun rapport as we were practically dying laughing throughout when sharing some stories, even when we get to the part in which we talk about the Fyre Festival documentary. I needed these laughs, and hopefully, you will get some good laughs from it as well – even though that is not the premise of the show. Who knows, maybe this should turn more into a creative laughter outlet.

Now, if this is your first time tuning into the awesomeness of The Creative Marketing Zone Podcast then welcome! I am super thrilled you are here. This is the podcast in which I release a new episode featuring an awesome marketing guru sharing his or her ninja hacks or tips to help you get in the creative marketing zone for your business.

I have been doing this show for almost two years now and it is such a pleasure to be able to connect with awesome folks, like Patrick, who come on and share their tips – for free!

And if you are a repeat listening friend of the show, then welcome back! As always, I am super elated that you have chosen me to be in your ear each week wherever you are. As you know the show keeps getting better and better, and I could not have been able to do this without your support.

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A Great Mix of Tips and Stories!

I really enjoyed Eric’s interview style. He creates an easy conversation that makes you feel like you’re in the room and asks his guests for really specific action steps, or “ninja hacks” as he calls them so that listeners will walk away with something they can use right now. Great podcast! - @CleverSpark

Many thanks, Linsi and yes this is something I strive for. Everyone tuning in, Linsi was episode 101 and she DEFINITELY dropped mad value bombs on the show to take action on when it comes to helping you re-align and fall back in love with your business.

Also, many of you have heard me joke about this before on the show, but when I first started my podcast in 2017 I was a nervous wreck! I was literally sweating under my armpits and was not as clear or smooth with my interviewing style. I have definitely come a long way and that just shows the power of practice and striving to improve a little bit each week.

Alright guys, one last thing guys before we jump into the awesomeness of today’s show. I work with a lot of coaches, consultants, marketers, and agency owners when it comes to helping them put together marketing campaigns using my custom creative marketing blueprint guides or roadmaps. These are step-by-step actionable guides to help you improve your marketing game to be more visible, build an audience, and generate leads that turn into sales.

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Recently, I just finished wrapping up a project or a custom marketing step-by-step blueprint guide (wow that’s a mouthful) for a leadership coach seeking to build more awareness and leads for her business. So far we are on track with everything and I plan on releasing my initial call with her to diagnose and prescribe her situation along with the final wrap up call showcasing her transformational results in the near future. This will definitely be super helpful for you for sure.

On these fun strategy calls, you and I get to connect and I have the opportunity to learn more about your business and what you may be struggling with. I also provide you with actionable strategies and tactics you can walk away with so you can begin focusing on the right marketing strategies and tactics to grow. In a sense this is designed to help you simplify your marketing efforts so you can effortlessly integrate these strategies and tactics without feeling the need to be force fed your peas, because who likes eating peas, right? Good stuff!

To schedule your free strategy call with me I have made this super easy for you. Simply bust out your phone right now and text the code word “Strategy” to 31996 and you will get the link to set up your call and begin taking your marketing to the next level. Again, that’s “strategy” to 31996.

Alright, guys, we have an interview to conduct, don’t we? So, without further ado, let’s welcome Patrick to the show!

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Key Takeaways

How fun was that, right guys? I learned a ton, and I hope you did as well. I totally enjoyed hearing more about Patrick’s story with Strike Social and his experience in the telecom industry in the 90’s, including the company he founded WCI technology which was bought out by MCI and his experience working at Microsoft – this brought back some good memories of the 90s and early 2000s.

I also enjoyed learning more about how Patrick was able to grow Strike Social so fast with the right transparent messaging when it comes to what they are selling, such as margins.

Patrick also shared some awesome trends in the next 24 months across major social platforms, along with valuable tips, especially when it comes to running social ads on Facebook as you always be testing different audiences. Also, on YouTube can be used effectively as an awareness mid-funnel campaign and Patrick talked about how this is driving up his branded campaigns.

And of course, you got to hear our fun conversation around the Fyre Festival documentary and what not to do with influencer marketing. Good stuff!

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Alright, guys, that is all I have for you this week. Again, be sure to smash that subscribe button on your favorite podcast listening player to stay tuned of fresh content each week. Share with your friends and family, and drop me a review on iTunes. Once you leave me a review let me know on social media or by email – all my info is on my website at www.thecreativemarketingzone.com.

And if you or someone you know is struggling with their marketing right now, then hop on a free creative marketing strategy call with me simply by texting the code word “strategy” to 31996 to get the link to set up your call today.

As always, I like to close things out by stating to go out and practice your ABC’s to success. Always be closing, yes, but also, always be creative and take action! Talk to you next week!