#105: PR Tips To Get You Featured On Major Media Outlets

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Yo, yo, yo! I am back baby!

I have quite a bit of explaining to do, yes. But truthfully, I needed the last two months off. I needed a break and I needed to work on a few more things personally to get my life back on track.

One thing I should mention is that I am now back to work full-time for a tech company in the DC area. I didn’t think I would leave the running your business life, but I was at a point personally in which I needed some stability and structure in my life. Plus the company I am working for has the same feel as running my own business, even though I know it is not my company.

I know one day I will be back to running things full time with The Creative Marketing Zone. This is just a detour in which I am not upset about by any means. The company is great and I am learning a ton! Also, I’ve learned a lot the past few years and I have met and interacted with some incredible people, including on this podcast. This is why I will keep the podcast going each week moving forward. For I am learning and applying all sorts of stuff from the guests on the show just like I know you are.

It is my goal to just keep bringing on interesting guests who can spark creative juices for both you and me. I just want to bring you as much creative value as possible for free. The world definitely needs more of it!

That briefly explains my hiatus even from social media, which I have to say has been quite liberating – perhaps an episode to talk more about down the road – I do want to get into the awesomeness of today’s welcoming back episode. And boy do I have quite the treat for you!

If you have ambitions to be featured on major media outlets then this is the show for you. For today I have Josh Elledge, founder of UpMyInfluence joining us. UpMyInfluence is a PR firm engaged in turning thoughtful entrepreneurs into media celebrities increasing their authority, influence, and revenue. UpMyInfluence provides step-by-step done with you tools, online coaching, social media analysis, and many other PR hacks (that’s right you heard me say it PR) to dramatically increase your sales by attracting the perfect audiences – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional PR services.

Unlike traditional PR firms, business owners aren’t obligated to purchase the whole overblown ball of PR wax, they can simply pick and choose the PR services that are most meaningful to their business to get the most impact from their budget.

Now Josh has quite the background. As a quick primer, a few years back while between jobs and needing to stretch the family budget, he created SavingsAngel.com, a digital consumer advocacy and lifestyle brand to help people like himself and his family find deals and save money.

As Josh grew SavingsAngel he used his PR experience as a U.S. Navy journalist to become an influencer in the field. SavingsAngel has grossed more than $6 million in sales and he spent less than $500 in advertising to make this happen – literally less than what he spent on the toner for his office printer – how cool is that?

Having side-stepped a potentially ruinous PR budget for his own startup company, Josh knew he could pass on his PR magic tricks to other new business owners and entrepreneurs, and help them keep costs down while becoming an influencer. And this is how Up My Influence came to be.

Josh has been in the media over 2,000 times, and he helps clients get featured on major media outlets, such as CNN, The Today Show, The New York Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, Wired, WomensHealth and so much more.

Josh is also the host of his own podcast shows, Authority Confidential Podcast and The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast, and he is a prominent and featured speaker at many industry-related events including Social Media Marketing World, Podcast Movement, FINCON, Military Influencer Conference, and Fame and Profit Lab.

Guys we are going to learn a lot from Josh today about the importance of media exposure, how to go about it effectively for your brand, and how to do this without blowing a hole in your wallet. Super exciting stuff and brace yourself.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Traditional PR and how the game works today

  • Examples of how PR in today’s day and age is done right

  • What to focus on when getting your name out there

  • What to avoid when reaching out to media reporters

  • And so much more!

So without further ado guys, let’s go ahead and welcome Josh to the show!

How to Connect with Josh Elledge: 

Website: https://upmyinfluence.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshelledge/

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We will continue the tradition of closing out by saying to go out and practice your ABC’s to success. Yes, always be closing, but also, always be creative and take action my friends. Talk to you next week!